Monday, 25 May 2009

2 Ys O!!!!

Although you wouldn't know it according to my blog but my locs turned two this weekend! My mom and I have been quite busy but we thought it would be a good time to give an update on my progress. Most of these pix were taken over the weekend in Germany at the European Track and Field Championship. My brother Mr. 100m brought home 2 gold (100m and 4X4) and 2 bronze medals (200m and 4X1). He was a beast on the track!

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Happy New Year!!

I am so late but still lovin my locks. I've been having so much fun. I got a chance to sing at our Christmas concert at school, it was a lot of fun. Christmas break was so cool. I got a chance to cook a bunch of stuff with my mom. We also got a Wii for Christmas so even my parents play now! Last week I found out that I was chosen along with 39 other students to go on a 3 day trip this Spring with my friends. So I am really looking forward to that! Lately I've been busy preparing to become a babysitter so I can work a little bit over the summer. I've taken the online course and they offer another one at the base so I'm going to take that one too.

Lockwise, my hair is really starting to shrink up at 7 months. My mom says they will eventually drop but I'm not sure what that means so anyway we'll just have to see. I don't have a lot tell really so I will write more later. Happy MLK day!

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Check Out My Comparisons Yall, I'm Locilicious!

My mom showed just how much my hair has changed since we started. We used snapshots from the first day, my two month mark and shots from this morning. I am wearing the same shirt in months 2 & 6 :o) I think it looks really good and I can finally see it growing!

I say that because here is a snap shot of me this time last year...
Now I can see the difference!
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my locks!

Sunday, 18 November 2007

6 Month Checkup

I am still loving my locks and school is going much better! I made all B's this quarter which is really good. I was afraid with all the changes and extra work I might not make the honor roll. My classes changed again this quarter and I got my home-ec class like I wanted. At first we took a lot of tests. I was a little upset because we had take all those tests before we could do anything. I already know not to touch other foods after touching a raw chicken without washing my hands first and how to use a knife but a lot of my classmates didn't. The other day we got to make biscuits from scratch and they were really good! Lately in my Social Studies class we have been learning about ancient Egypt and today I chose to do a fashion show with paper dolls what I thought they would look like going to a party today. We took school pix a few weeks ago. I took mine with my glasses off, I can't wait to see what they look like.

My moms says I have buds, I'm not sure what they are but they must be a good thing because she was excited to see them. My hair is getting a bit drier lately so we are trying to figure out the best way to take care of my locks but it is still better than having to get my hair combed all the time. My mom also said she thinks that my locks are going into the teenage stage I don't know what that is either but they are getting harder to figure out lately. I have been trying out more styles lately. My mom has done a few braid outs which I like sometimes I will just have the front braided for a different look.

We also celebrated my dad's birthday last week. I got him some cuff links! It's almost Thanksgiving but I'm ready for Christmas break. I like school but I miss being able to sleep late too! Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Don't eat too much turkey.


Thursday, 4 October 2007

School Daze

Middle School

Lots of changes. More homework a lot more. More classes and they are not always on the same days or the same time (block scheduling they call it) so I have to keep up with my schedule and assignment binder to stay on track. My mom kept telling me but I didn't believe it. When school first started it would take me all night to finish my homework but I am getting much faster at it. It's not so bad but it's not that great either just yet. I made a new friend, Kelsey but I had a few of them turn out to not be so friendly at middle school but I'm not going to stay mad about it. We don't get to do much and the teachers are always saying we don't know what we're doing yet. The eighth graders look at us and go aww, look at the sixth graders like we're babies.

Now enough ranting here's what I like: I was chosen one of the student council represenatives of my house and was able to go and speak for all the other 6th graders at the meetings! I had to write and give a speech before everyone voted but I love to talk! I am in the school chorus and we will be performing where I have a solo part and announce the songs. I joined the fitness club at school and it's a lot of fun. I really wanted to take home-ec but it was full. And even though it has been hard keeping up with my assignments and classes straight I am still on the honor roll! I went to my first dance where I got a chance to help out and I had a really great time. My mom and dad chaperoned. Yesterday, I had to come up with a new definition for my name. So Christyn also means makes straight A's and loves cherryz (yes I meant to spell it that way:) I think middle school is growing on me.

I am still loving my locs. The mornings are easy because unless I want a specific style I do it on my own. I am wetting it more which I like. My mom and I have decided to work on my hair once a week so it won't take so long to do the tightenings. She hooked up the front for the dance so we'll be working our way back and by the time we take school pictures we'll be back to the front.

In other news my mom has put in some starter locks. Check her out Mom's Blog